The Nest Alexander Mattress Review

The Nest Alexander Mattress Review

The Nest Alexander mattress is made by Nest Bedding, a small online mattress company. They have a few retail stores but their online marketing has propelled them to the front of the Internet bedding market. Their affordable prices and American made goods are just some of their likeable qualities. Besides their line of designs,  they produce organic and natural bedding including blankets, pillows, and sheets.

 I test ran this product and my report should help you decide if this product is suited for your needs. They recently updated this particular series and the reviews have been stupendous. If you’re considering an update for your current sleeping arrangements this product should be on your list of contenders.




This product is available in three different firmness levels. The level you select will determine the number and thickness of layers in your model. No matter the level you choose, the deign will measure at least 12” thick.

The Signature Select model includes a 1.5” soft quilted cover, 2” of gel memory foam, 2” of visco foam, 3” of SmartFlow foam, and 4” of solid support base layer foam.

The Medium model is made up of 2” of soft quilted foam, 4” of gel memory foam, 1” of visco foam, 2” of SmartFlow foam, and 4” of solid support base layer foam.

Finally, the Firm model consists of 1.5” of quilted cover material, 2” of gel memory foam, 3” of SmartFlow foam, and 6” of solid support base layer foam.

For the purpose of my test run, I’ll be mainly focusing on the medium model, which is the one I chose. If it sounds too soft or firm for your liking, you have the option of choosing the model below or above it to match your needs.


No matter the level you choose, the cover  is one of the most luxurious I’ve seen. It has a swirled pattern that’s incredibly soft to lie on. The sides include mesh and suede for aesthetics and support.

Could The Nest Alexander Mattress Be Your Perfect Mattress?

First Impression & Overnight Test (Firmness, Feel, & Support)

One of the first positives I noticed  is that there was virtually no off-gassing when I was setting up the bed. The company only uses CertiPUR-US certified foams so you don’t have to worry about toxic off-gassing.

Once I got the bed set up, I gave it a test run. I would give the medium model a score of 6 on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the firmest. I typically sleep on my stomach and found that this product gave me just enough support. I felt cradled but not like I was sinking. If you sleep on your side, the softer model might be better for you. If you’re a back sleeper, consider the firmest model.

After a few nights of sleeping on this product, I noticed I was waking up more refreshed. My minor shoulder pain had disappeared and I began to find myself counting down the hours until bedtime just so I could experience the comfort and support I needed. At less than a third of the cost of luxurious designs found in department stores, I couldn’t believe the quality of this brand.

Sinkage, Motion Transfer, & Temperature​


Motion Transfer


Firmness and support

The Nest Alexander Mattress Review

Could The Nest Alexander Mattress Be Your Perfect Mattress?

You won’t find a more luxurious design in this price range. With the ability to choose your firmness level, you’re almost guaranteed a model that suits your needs perfectly. And if for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase you can take advantage of their risk-free trial and return the product for a full refund within the first 100 days after purchase. For more info visit Sleep Ask.


  • Great value for the materials used
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • Well received by consumers
  • Multiple firmness levels to choose from


  • Requires an extra-firm foundation
  • Edge support is weaker than expected

Who Should Buy this Product?

If you’re looking for firmness options on a budget, this prduct is perfect. With its three firmness levels, cooling gel foam, and surprisingly strong support layer, you’ll be setting yourself up for some of the best sleep you’ve ever had. Also, because of the multiple firmness options, the design perfect for just about every sleeping position, including stomach, back, and side.

Key Features

This product has been designed by a true  expert. It’s value is a feature all on its own. But what seems to be the most well received feature is its firmness options. The company is very transparent in their materials and design so it’s nice to see exactly how each  model differs from the others. This should give you extreme confidence in how you will feel, which is important if you’re not close to a showroom to check it out for yourself.

How Does It Compare?

Let’s take a look at some of the competition:

Pure Rest 10” Medium Firm Memory Foam

This product is close in firmness level of the one I test ran. t It’s more affordable but it doesn’t have as long of a warranty or as many quality materials.

LUCID 8-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam

Here’s another affordable option with gel memory foam. However, it’s not nearly as thick as my trial tested brand and doesn’t include a luxurious cover.

LUCID 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-Inch Memory Foam

You get to choose between a smooth cover and a quilted cover with this product. It’s been proven to relieve pressure points and is ideal for just about any sleep position. But you don’t get to choose your firmness level.

While these are all great brands, they just don’t match up with the features of my trial run product. With the ability to choose your firmness level and the inclusion of high-quality materials, it tuned out to be in a league of its own.


This product is my favorite brand.  The fantastic support left my body feeling amazing and the comfort of the sleeping surface is tough to beat in the price range. I loved the peace of mind the 100-night sleep trial gave me. Overall, the product is a high-quality design that I recommend to the majority of sleepers. Check out our other mattress reviews.

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