Mattress Reviews

How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

So you are on a quest to pick the perfect mattress. You are tired of waking up feeling tired, irritable and achy. But never before has there been so much choice. There are online deals, department store sales, dozens of brands and designs, so where to start! It’s like throwing a deck of cards in the air. There’s king size, queen size, twins and even inflatable beds. Your quest could easily turn into a nightmare. But relax and sleep easy in the knowledge that there’s a product out there that is just right for you. Stay with us and find out how to choose the perfect sleeping surface.

Age Matters

When searching for a new product you must begin by asking yourself how old your existing bed is. Are you buying new because you are restless in the night? Is your bed sagging or lumpy? If you wake up feeling like you've  had hardly any sleep at all, then it’s highly likely you need a new sleeping surface, whether it’s a completely new product or a topper for your old one. The average age of a sleeping surface is around 8 to 10 years but many people enjoy the comfort of their bed for many more years beyond that. You need to decide before you splash out on something new

Personal Preferences

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the surface they sleep on. Some people like firm or even extra firm surfaces. Other sleepers like soft surfaces they can sink into. Then there are the bouncers. We all know people who test a strange bed by how much bounce it has. Organic sleeping surfaces are also popular and are made with wool, feather or down. To add to this variety  there are also an array of different brands, models and designs, just to get you even more confused.


  • Latex:                           Firm and bouncy
  • Memory foam:        Supports pressure points and contours to the body
  • Coils:                             Support and comfort with strong edge support
  • Adjustable:               For people who require special support for spinal problems or for people who                                                   have a snoring problems
  • Inflatable:                The ultimate portable bed which offers comfort and support as a temporary bed                                               or for camping holidays


Don’t panic if you haven’t got mega bucks to spend. Affording a decent mattress has never been easier. Online manufacturers offer quality products for a fraction of the price of some specialist manufacturers mark up prices. Also spending mega bucks doesn’t always mean you get what you want. Primarily you are after a good night’s sleep that makes you feel great when you get up in the morning. Test the product, ask questions about it, look at the warranty and importantly read the reviews. It's possible that a very expensive sleeping surface just doesn’t do have the qualities that are right for you.

Firmness Levels

Do you really know what you are looking for when you are testing a sleeping surface? Many people bounce up and down on the bed or press it down with their hand. It is always good to lie down on a bed if you are choosing in a bed store. But do you know what is right for you and your sleeping partner if you share a bed? It may seem to you that every bed is different and to some extent this is true. Different brands, designs and models offer different levels of support.

Springs may feel overly bouncy but they also offer good support, especially on the edges of the bed. Then there’s the tricky question of your weight. No salesperson will suggest you are on the heavy size, but you must work this into your options. Weight matters when choosing a surface to sleep on for the next few years. Foam or latex may be the answer to the ticklish question of weight. If indeed you on the heavier side, as I am myself, you need to choose a surface that matches your weight tolerance. Springs may be too bouncy and you could have trouble getting out of bed.  The manufacturer of your product will tell you the weight tolerance their designs.

Plush Designs

Plush designs provide softness. Some brands have extra padding to make the surface even softer but they will still provide the firmness you may be looking for.

Firm Designs

Firm beds are a favourite for people who may suffer from spinal problems but you need to ensure that the bed is not overly firm as you may feel that the bed is not supporting you. If you have purchased a bed that you now find is a little too firm, a foam topper can address this problem.  

The Perfect Choice

Whatever your decision make sure you read all our reviews first. Our guides will take you through a variety of designs and models so that you can choose your perfect night’s sleep. If you decide to buy a firm bed and a couple of months later discover that it is a little too firm, look for a topper that will bring an additional level of softness. Always look at the labels for a good warranty and don’t be afraid to bombard salespeople with your questions before you part with your money. Remember too that a soft bed can feel very alluring when you lie on it in a department store after you’ve just battled with the crowds to get there.  You can always make a firm bed softer you can’t make a soft bed firmer. If you are lucky enough to sleep like the dead and hardly move during the night a memory foam design might be just what you have been dreaming about. Do your research, read the reviews and every night will be the perfect night's sleep.

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