The Best Mattress For Sex

The Best Mattress For Sex

Did you ever think you would ask such a question? What is the best mattress for sex? Beds aren’t just for sleeping in. They’re also for fun! You don’t realize that you need a good quality surface area  until you wake up one morning with a sore back or other injury from the previous night’s bedroom activities.

So, if you’ve had a bad experience because of a less than supportive design, it’s time to consider buying a super new design. You’ll notice a difference right away and hopefully even an improvement in your level of satisfaction, both when it comes to sleep and your love life.

What Features Does My New Product Need?


 If it's got no bounce it will definitely hinder your bedroom activities. You want to find the Goldilocks of bounce.  In other words, a design with too much bounce will leave you fighting against it but a product with no bounce will kill the mood faster than a knock on the door from the kids. But once you find just the right amount of bounce, the bed will work with you and improve your experience.


We’ve all experienced beds that seem to suck us in. We’ve also spent a night on a sleeping surface that was harder than a rock. When you’re looking for a product to support your nighttime adventures you want one that adjusts to your body’s movements without too much delay. When conducting your research, look for designs with rapid response time. You’ll appreciate this feature  when you’re switching positions or need to make sure you’re being well supported.


No one likes loud  squeaks and noises which can give you away to anyone listening. The noise is also just plain annoying. While part of your noise problem could be related to your bed frame, your sleeping surface could just as easily be the culprit. Make sure that when you choose your new product you’ve made sure that it won’t squeak with every movement. If you choose a design that’s made purely from foam, you shouldn’t have to worry about this at all. But a hybrid or pure innerspring  should be double checked for noise.

If you have a squeaky bed now, this video might help until you can buy something a little quieter.


You don’t want your new product to give out before you do. Before you purchase a design based on your needs, make sure you check the warranty. A short warranty is a sure sign that your product won’t be able to live up to your (or your partner’s) expectations.


This should go without saying. You want your purchase to be able to support both you and your partner in whatever position you might just so happen to find yourself in. This is important in the middle of the bed but you should also check for edge support. I’ve sat on the edge of a bed or two that left me sliding towards the floor. You don’t want to find this out about your purchase in the middle of a more advanced activity.


Remember that when you buy your new model you’ll also be spending plenty of time sleeping on it as well. So you want to make sure that it’s comfortable and meets your individual sleeping needs. Maybe you prefer a firmer design or need a softer model. Maybe you sleep hot and need a product with cooling technology. No matter what your preferences are, make sure the design meets them so that you’ll be satisfied, whether you’re sleeping or taking part in more amorous activities.

Where to Find A Superior Design 

This will depend on your budget. If you’re not trying to stick within a certain price range, you can certainly head to the nearest department store and see a few up close and personal. But if you have an idea of what you’re looking for it’s easy to order one online. This will save you time and money.

Specifically, Amazon is a great place to find what you are looking for. You’ll find plenty to choose from and people aren’t shy about their reviews. You’ll know exactly which product could be the right choice for you and your partner.

Who Should Buy A Product That Suits Amour?

If you’re not experiencing any issues with your current product you might not need to buy purchase a new one. But you also might not realize what you’re missing out on without a product that improves your love life.

A new model with a different design can completely transform your love life. Why not purchase a product that’s comfortable for sleeping but at the same time provides the perfect surface for late night activities?

Whether you’re in a relationship or have more one night stands than a furniture store, a good design can take your sex life to a whole new level. Don’t let something as simple as the surface you sleep on  keep you from enjoying intimate moments.

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Tuft & Needle makes what could be a top choice for amorous nights.  But if you’re not sure, give it a try. It comes with a no risk, full refund guarantee. You can try the product out for a full 100 nights before making a final decision.

This model includes high-grade foam that sleeps cool and won’t suck you in. The design is ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers. So it’s great for sleeping or any position you might find yourself in. The Tuft & Needle has received awards for offering great pressure relief and a localized bounce that makes it a strong contender for nightly activity. Check out the full Tuft & Needle mattress review.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Award winning Design
  • Made in USA
  • High-grade foam


  • Can take several days to reach true size
  • Too firm for some
Classic Brands 11 Inch Plush Latex

The Classic Brands  features three inches of ventilated latex foam. Latex provides the perfect amount of bounce, ideal for sexual activities.  Unlike pure memory foam, there’s more resistance and response with latex.

The model also features eight inches of high density base foam for great support and is hypoallergenic and promotes airflow for cooling and comfort. You also don’t need to flip or rotate so it’s virtually maintenance free. The 25-year warranty adds great peace of mind as well.


  • Thick Design
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extra support foam
  • No need to flip or rotate
  • Reduced motion transfer


  • Some off-gassing
  • Some sleepers needed a topper
Zinus 12 Inch Euro Box Top Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress

The Zinus is  for sleep and sex. It features green tea foam and heavy duty coil springs. The infused green tea extract and castor natural seed oil helps keep odor at bay and fights bacteria.

You do need to give this product a full 48 hours to inflate after it’s shipped to your home. But the first night you spend on this model will convince you it was the right choice. You sink ever so slightly into the top of the bed but there’s still plenty of support and bounce underneath. The foam is very responsive so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in the bed when you’re switching positions. This could be a top pick for you,  but you’ll need to try it out for yourself to know for sure.


  • Green tea foam
  • 12 inches thick
  • Very responsive
  • Quilted cover
  • 10-year warranty


  • Needs 48 hours to inflate
  • Could be too firm for some
Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep’features 7.5 inches of heat treated coil. This ensures your product main just as comfortable ten years down the line as it is on the first night you sleep on it. The two-inch-high density foam helps to absorb and disperse weight but is still responsive enough to keep you from feeling like you’re being sucked into the bottom of the bed.

The product also features an inch of ecofriendly cooling gel that helps keep you cool during those marathon nights. There are plenty of features that could make the Olee Sleep a good choice for amour.


    • Cooling gel
    • Heat treated coils
    • Responsive
    • Firm design without the backache
    • Evenly disperses body weight


  • Slight off-gassing
  • Could be too firm for some
Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

The Classic Brands provides an affordable product that’s a hybrid of memory foam and innerspring. This provides comfort for sleep and enough bounce for late night activities. The model also features cool gel that helps draw heat away from the body.

When the fun is over, the design prevents motion transfer with its pocketed coil base. You won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements. The company has a 5-star rated customer service program and the product comes with a 10-year warranty. For the price and everything you get with this product  this is a top choice.


  • Supportive yet bouncy
  • 10-year warranty
  • Cool gel layer
  • Features memory foam and innersprings
  • Model ships compressed and straight to your door


  • Design is shorter than other brands
  • Slight off-gassing

Our Top Choice for the Ideal Night of Amour.

So, if you’re ready to buy, which is our money on? Based on our reviews at Sleep Ask, the top choice is the Zinus. We love the unique feature of being infused with green tea extract. There’s something nice about knowing your purchase is working extra hard to stay fresh and clean.

There’s just the right amount of bounce and when you’re ready fall asleep for the night, the comfort of the bed will have you snoring in no time. If your love life is at a standstill, you might need to consider buying something with a little more bounce. It can have you sleeping better and impressing your partner like never before.