Best Mattress Topper

The Pros and Cons of Buying A Mattress Topper And How to Pick One 

We all know the scenario: Another sleepless night and they conversation at the breakfast table goes like this. Do we need a new bed? Do we need a new mattress or can we just buy a smaller one to put on the top? What are Mattress Toppers and how do we pick the best one for our bed?  Changing the surface you sleep on can be a huge success or an unmitigated disaster. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Adding extra inches to your bed doesn't solve all problems. In this guide we will be taking you through some of the key decisions you will make when picking the best product for your needs. 

The Product

  1. This addition to the comfort of your bed is made of a thick layer of cushion foam, latex feather or hybrid materials such as foam and latex. They also come in feather, down and wool.  It lies on top of your existing sleeping surface to correct any limitations such as sagging or unevenness. The extra layer adds plushness without taking away any existing support. It's different to a pad which is thinner, and goes on the bed like a fitted sheet. This design is generally used as a protector.

Why Do I Need An Extra Layer of Support?

Some people are very happy with their sleeping surface and see no reason to add an extra layers of support. But there are numerous reasons why you might want to consider that extra support for your bed even if the bed you have is new.

Protection: Investing in a new bed can be expensive. Tops can be added to provide protection to your new sleeping surface and protect it from wear and tear. They are removable so a small investment in an additional layer can protect your investment as well as adding a little more support.

Wear: Even a well chosen sleeping surface can feel different after a short time. It may be that, after all, the bed is too firm or too soft. It could be that the design you are sleeping on has too much bounce and disturbs your partner when you turn over during the night. An extra layer of foam or latex support can solve this problem. There is no need to live with an uncomfortable bed.

Economy: If money is short, you may be forced to purchase an inexpensive bed that falls short of what you want in a comfortable night’s sleep. An additional layer of foam can address these limitations and provide the measure of comfort you are looking for. It may be that you can’t afford a new bed at all at the moment. Purchasing a top layer of foam or latex can transform your old bed, providing you with a plush sleeping surface at the fraction of the price.

Toppers lengthen the life of the bed: All beds succumb to wear and tear. Adding a thick cushion of foam to your sleeping surface will lengthen its life considerably. You will protect your investment and save yourself money in the process.

How To Choose that Extra Layer

  • Before you make your purchase, make sure whether you want a thick cushion of support or just a thin pad to give a little extra softness. Thick cushion tops provide more support than pads.
  • Prices can range from inexpensive to hugely expensive. Your primary concern is that it will meet your needs, not how expensive it is. Buying top quality does not necessarily mean a comfortable night’s sleep for all people.
  • If like me, you need support for your lower back, then an additional layer of foam or latex might just be the solution to your nightly discomfort. Memory foam and latex give better support for the spine because it supports the body in its natural sleeping position.Your additional layer is important, or else you wouldn’t be buying it, so take the time to try them out in the shop. Online purchases can usually be returned if there is no damage to them.  If you have a sleeping partner, shop together. Some tops come as dual surface which are zipped together so each sleeper can choose their own firmness level.
  • These products come in 2 inch to 8 inch designs. There are some on the market that are 12 inches thick. Think about your particular needs before you buy. A thick cushion layer will add new life to an old bed. If  you sleep on your side, foam and latex provides the support you need. If you are heavier than average, you may find that memory foam is ideal for you.
  • Be aware that foam and latex tend to sleep hot. If you overheat when you sleep you may prefer an        organic cushion of support. Feather, down and wool are perfect for people who prefer a cool bed and they are perfect for all year comfort.

Can I have a Trial Period?

Most reputable bedding companies will offer a 30 day free trial so purchasing an additional layer never got easier, but it's recommended that you also purchase a protector cover to ensure that if you are not satisfied with your product it can be returned undamaged.

Online Vs Department store

Online purchases are now more popular than ever. A recent survey revealed that people who buy online are more likely to be happy with their comfort levels and less likely to return the product.

The biggest difference between online and store is that in store you can test the product by lying on it. But it seems that even this is no guarantee that you will end up with a sleeping surface you are happy with. Research has shown that people tend to make poorer decisions when shopping in store, very often choosing the wrong size to fit the bed or discovering that the comfort level is not what they want.

It goes without saying that the mark up in specialist bedding stores and department stores is higher than online  sites. Many stores have a mark up of 30 per cent to 50 per cent higher than online products because online stores cut out the middle man and offer real value for money. The choice, however, is yours.

Buying that extra layer of comfort.

If you are happy with your current sleeping surface then no, you don’t need an additional cushion on your existing sleeping surface. You may want to add protection to your investment and a thin pad can give you a little more softness and a lot of protection from spillage and general wear and tear. But if you are contemplating a new bed then why not consider a cushion top first? Foam and latex can revise a tired bed and make it feel like new. If you have acquired achy bones or have spinal problems, then a little extra firmness may be all you need.  Allergies can often strike as we get older. An addition of foam or latex may solve this itchy problem.  Take a look around our site and discover how you can find the perfect night’s sleep.