One in ten people worldwide suffer from lower back pain. There are ways you can avoid becoming a statistic. Eat a healthy diet, take regular exercise and most importantly, sleep on a mattress that provides sufficient bodily support and comfort. My website provides you the ammunition to explode myths about what sleeping positions are best for back pain, and helps you choose the correct product for the night’s sleep you have been dreaming of whatever your age, weight or sleeping position. As a lower back sufferer myself, I struggled for years to find a sleeping surface that would support my back. My wife and I even discussed single beds (shush – secret - we even discussed divorce at one point, when, in the middle of a particularly uncomfortable night, she marched off, pillow under arm to sleep in the guest room, threatening to leave me forever!) Then fate took a hand and I found myself working in the bedding industry. I discovered a range of products designed especially to provide night long support for all types of back conditions and all kinds of sleeping positions.

Do you know that over 80 per cent of back pain suffers complain of chronic sleeping disorders which affect their health and well being and even their relationships. With the right sleeping surface, you can significantly reduce the number of night hours you toss and turn because pain keeps you awake.

In our industry we know the position we sleep in is one of the major causes of skeletal discomfort if beds are not comfortable. For those of us who sleep on their backs, sleeping surfaces can often be too soft causing a sinking feeling which puts strain on the lower back. Side sleepers frequently complain that sleeping surfaces that are too firm don’t support their hips and shoulders. Let's search together for the perfect solution.